Lyall Rowland in Prep VI has a had a fantastic year to date. Not only is he our current ‘Head Boy’ for the Prep School but he has also been selected to join the Halle Choir.

Lyall’s Mum recalls that she has never known a time when Lyall WASN’T singing. As a toddler he used to bounce around the room and sing along to Duffy’s hit single ‘Mercy’ whenever it played on the radio. Perhaps its something that runs in the family as his maternal Aunt used to sing in the Philharmonic Choir?

Lyall started at Bridgewater in Kindergarten at a tender age of only 3 and has been an active member of the Prep Choir for most of his time at the school. It was our Head of Music, Mrs Embrey that encouraged and put him forward for the Halle audition in July of this year. Lyall sang a popular contemporary piece – ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and out of the 200 children auditioning, Lyall was excited to find out that he was one of only 40 selected to sing in the Choir! 

The choir is now busy practising for their annual Christmas Carol Concert and in between school and the choir, Lyall is not only practising his piano skills  but also squeezes in honing his swimming technique four times a week at Salford Swimming Club.