Early Club
If parents need an early start to their day, children from Kindergarten to Prep II can take advantage of our Early Club. Children up to, and including, Prep II should come to Early Club instead of waiting outside the Prep building whenever parents are unable to supervise. Children who travel by school bus and arrive early are also made to feel very welcome.
There is a small charge for Early Club. If you arrive between 8 and 8.20am you will pay £2.50 and, later than that, £1.50. There is no charge for pupils who have travelled in on the school bus. All children are escorted to their class and any messages from parents are passed to the relevant class teacher.

Prep Late Club
Bridgewater School provides all Prep children with an after school facility for those whose parents are unable to collect them at the end of the school day.
Fifteen minutes after the end of the Prep’s working day, any children who have not yet been collected by parents or guardians are taken to the school’s large dining hall by their class teacher. There they are cared for and looked after by trained staff up until 6pm at the latest and are provided with a nutritionally balanced snack everyday.
The charge for use of the Late Club is £5 if a child is collected up to 5pm and £8 if collected up to 6pm.
During their stay in Late Club, children are provided with a range of activities to suit all ages, such as a home corner, collage tables, puzzles, building materials and an audio/visual suite. This allows the pupils to interact with different classes. We also provide a quiet corner for the junior children to complete homework, should they wish to do so.
This after school facility does not need to be pre-booked, therefore allowing parents flexibility if they find themselves unexpectedly delayed for any reason.

Senior School Homework Club
The school also provides an after school Homework Club for students in Year 7 upwards. This facility gives them the opportunity to access an IT facility in a nominated and supported environment. The rate is £3 for up to one hour and £6 for up to 2 hours.