Our staff to pupil ratio, depending on the time of year, is often as high as 1 to 6 and is never more than 1 to 8.

The Early Years department is at the heart of the Prep. School.  We have a self-contained building with our own outdoor play areas.

We are in the unique position of having the highest calibre of fully qualified and experienced staff in Early Years.  The acquisition of a teacher in Kindergarten, as well as an Early Years Professional (EYP) teacher in Reception Class, shows our commitment to improving outcomes for children.

Being part of a 3-18 establishment, allows us access to the specialist resources available in other areas of the school.  This includes not only equipment but also teaching expertise in certain curricular areas.  Each week, Early Years children are taught Music, P.E, Gymnastics and Drama with specialist teachers.

At Bridgewater, our expertise allows us to understand and acknowledge the varying needs of all children and the differing rates of their development.

All children in Early Years are required to wear full school uniform and the school regulation jogging suit and black pumps for Gymnastics.

Milk is provided every day and healthy eating at snack time is encouraged