_MG_5822Bridgewater was first opened as an all boys’ school in 1950 by a group of parents. It started with 55 boys only. In 1952 it moved to its present site of Drywood Hall, which is set in four acres of woodland in Worsley. It was set up in the name of the Parents’ Association to ensure that all received income was spent wholly on maintaining the school and the education of its pupils – a principal which is still maintained today.

The school became co-educational in the late 1960s when it first admitted girls. The school now has a pupil body of over 460. The family ethos which was at the heart of the school’s foundation remains the same over 60 years later.

Our vision is :

We want the best education possible for our children.

  • We are committed to a balance of tradition and modernity.
  • We are small enough to recognise each individual child and student.
  • We are big enough to be a vibrant community, able to foster  teams, choirs, and ensembles.
  • To enable each child to know how to make a success of themself.