In the summer term, Year 12 students are invited to apply for a place on the next year’s Leadership Team. Roles are allocated on the basis of a written letter of application, an interview with the Head Teacher and Head of Sixth From and observation of the student’s general conduct throughout the year as well as their ability to fulfil the duties below.

This year’s Leadership Team is as follows:

Head Boy: Karam Sandher

Head Girl: Kate Purchase







Head of Student Council: Amy Houghton
Head of Fundraising: Betty Lo
Head of Publicity: Isobel Pogson

The aims of the Sixth Form Leadership Team are as follows:

  • Work as a team to ensure that all Sixth Form members have the opportunity to develop the academic and personal skills needed to achieve their true potential.
  • Provide effective communication between Sixth Form Students, Staff and lower school pupils so that all school members can work towards achieving their best in a supportive friendly environment.
  • Liaise with each year group via assemblies and form groups.
  • Run charity events to raise money for many worthwhile causes.
  • Run extra-curricular activities in the Prep department.
  • Look after our HE resources.
  • Run the School Council.
  • Act as a Role Model for students. This will involve working proactively with the younger years.
  • Provide a positive public profile for the VI Form.
  • Represent the school at a range of events throughout the school year, for example open evening.
  • Become involved with the student life in Prep.
  • To prepare speeches for various public school events such as Prize Giving.

Considerable organisational skills are required for the efficient delivery of these aims, so Leadership Team members have specific roles and all Sixth Form members are expected to support them in at least one of these.

Student Council

Each form group elects a representative and one representative from each year group attends the student council meetings which are chaired and run by members of the Sixth Form Leadership Team. The aim of the Student Council is to ensure that every student in the school has a ‘voice’ and it provides a forum in which all students can discuss issues which affect them on a day-to-day basis and potentially bring about change for the better.