Competitive Sport at Bridgewater


  • Salford Schools football league under 12, under 13, under 16
  • ISA Football under 12, under 14, under 16
  • Salford Schools Rugby league KS3
  • Salford Schools Basketball Under 14 & Under 16
  • Salford Schools Cricket league Under 14


  • ISA Netball Tournaments
  • Salford Schools Football leagues Under 13
  • Salford Schools Rounders years 7-11
  • ISA Rounders Tournament


  • ISA North Athletics Championships
  • ISA North Cross Country Championships
  • Salford Mets Cross Country Championships
  • ISA North Swimming Championships
  • ISA Fencing Championships

Extra-curricular clubs give the opportunity for all students to participate in a variety of individual and team activities.

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